Top trends for designing your feature wall 

There are many people who are obsessed with feature walls and try changing their designs very often. Feature wall is the center of attraction in your room. There are many ideas and inspirations that are available online for designing feature wall for your home. You can go for wooden style or you can simply go with the wall stickers according to your room theme. Try to keep that wall popped out among the rest which is also easily blended in the atmosphere. Some of the latest trend that you can follow to design your feature wall are:

  • Golden embroidery sticker – they are very trending among the people and have a shiny finish on it. These temporary stickers require no glue as they can easily be pasted on your feature wall. These stickers make your room look more luxurious and classy. Usually people go with the golden stickers in their living room. These are pasted all over the wall providing extra detailing to it. You can go for the embroidery patterns with the stickers as they make your room more eye-catchy. 
  • Tropical leaves – if your room is having a green and calming vibe, you can go with the tropical theme on your feature wall. These wallpapers are temporary and you can change them easily whenever you want to change the room’s vibe. These wallpapers have big bold patterns of leaves on them which make your room cooler and trendy. These leaves are shaded into different green colors which add certain details to it. 
  • Vertical patterns – vertical patterns are the easiest wall painting style that makes your room look in a tumbler style. This wall can serve you a great purpose of backdrop for various photo shoot too. You can decide 3 or 4 colors which go together easily and paint your walls in vertical stripes using the theme of colors you decided. 

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