Why You Need Portable Toilets At Your Construction Site

Most workers at a construction site spend a better part of their day at the area. Depending on how far it is from the nearest facilities and amenities, these workers might even spend their whole work day there including their lunchtime and breaks.

This is why it’s important to have a port o potty at your construction site. You must make sure that there’s a sanitary way for all the workers to go about their business. Contrary to what most people believe it, getting portable toilets can actually save you a lot of money.

Let’s take a look at how this is possible.

Time is a valuable resource

The time spent by a worker getting from the construction site to a place where they can do their business might take longer than usual. Instead of wasting valuable time, you can completely remove the time they spend going from one place to another by having a portable toilet right at the construction site.

An issue that most construction workers have when it comes to getting around a construction site is the logistics involved traveling to and from it. They might have to wait for a shuttle or the walk might be longer than warranted. If there’s already a toilet to go to in the area, they don’t have to waste their time which is your resource as well.

Money can be recouped with time

This is directly connected to what’s stated above. The time that workers spend might not seem like a big issue if you look at the tally individually. Sure, one worker could claim he spent 5 minutes walking to and from the area where he found the nearest toilet. Multiply that to the amount of workers you have and the number of times that they have to go.

The more time workers have to actually be on and work at the construction site, the less you’ll have to pay for the days before the project is turned over. The money that you get back from this is going to be far more than the money that you spend on the port opotty.

Convenience increases morale

It’s a great inconvenience for a worker to know that they can’t immediately do their business because there is no toilet to go to nearby. This can sour their mood for the day and make them prone to making mistakes. A worker who’s not in a good mood can be detrimental to everybody at the construction site because they might bring everybody down.

When the worker doesn’t feel inconvenienced, they’ll be more likely to do their work without having to complain about anything that’s beyond your control. One of the things that you can control is the availability of a portable toilet. Another issue with not having a portable toilet is workers having to hold in their bladder which is detrimental to their health and can affect their performance immediately.

These are the things that you can benefit from when you get a port o potty for your construction site.
Smith’s Sanitary Septic service also offers port o potty rentals. Whether you’re managing a construction site, organizing events, or just need it for a particular occasion, contact us for your portable toilet needs.

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