How to Purchase and Source Reclaimed Floor Tiles

The modern ranges in the Antique tiles would offer the possibility of recreating entire matching designs along with genuine details to the floor. It would also provide a vast range of colors for various kinds of repair work. However, an important aspect to consider would be that modern tiles should be thinner than the originals. It would be relatively easier to make use for minor repairs as they would provide space for the adhesive when placing the tiles next to the prevalent ones.

Purchasing and sourcing reclaimed tiles

Find below some important aspects to consider when purchasing and sourcing Reclaimed floor tiles.

  • Checking with the neighbors

You could check with the neighbors whether they have any spare tiles. You could also search for construction and renovation work in the neighboring areas. Chances would be higher than local properties having similar designs and might also have spare available because of construction or modification work.

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  • Salvage yard reclamation

You should rest assured that salvage yard reclamation and specialist companies would hold stock of the salvaged originals. They may prefer them to modern replacements for repair jobs. After you have located the source, you should send details of what you were searching for beforehand without wasting any previous time. You may not be able to find all the colors and shapes. Therefore, you would have the option of mix and match the old and new tiles. You should look forward to maximizing the old as much where possible.

  • Check before purchasing salvaged tiles

When you actually look forward to purchasing salvaged tiles, you should check the tiles to be free of mortar on the back along with the sides of the tiles. Removing of mortar from the underside of the tiles would be a messy and relatively more time-consuming job. It should be handled by a specialist. On the other hand, you would be able to remove the grout from the tiles with a paint scraper.

It would be in your best interest to ensure that the tiles have been salvaged from an interior floor, as it would be most likely in a better condition. You should avoid the dished tiles or tiles that appear too porous.

  • Carrying out repairs

It would be pertinent to mention here that repairs could be carried out with contemporary matching replacements. Essential aspects here would be the color and size of the tile. There has been a limited number of manufactures of reproduction tiles. However, the given ranges have been in good color and could be purchased in different sizes for repair jobs.

You could source tiles through different online classified advertisement sites.

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